Carl Rixon

Carl was classically trained on guitar from the age of 8 then in his early teens he bought his first electric guitar, and plays by ear. He grew up listening to his parents record won't find too many 40 year olds who are massive Perry Como and Frank Ifield fans! As he matured(?) his tastes diversified into prog rock, folk, jazz, gaelic and classical music. Anything but drum 'n bass really. trained as an alto, then tenor soloist in the school choir, his contemporary vocal performances were born in local folk clubs under the mentorship of Johnny Silvo an internationally acclaimed traditional folk artist. Johnny would often perform at Carl's parents' pub in a sleepy Sussex village, and after much wrangling Carl eventually joined him, and the rest as they say...

Carl's rock and pop career was born on the guitar, but one day a mutual friend was asked if he knew any singers. Carl auditioned as vocalist with Spiney Norman and discovered a thunderous rock voice!

His range can deliver anything from barritone and crooner styles to falsetto and full on heavy rock.

He oozes confidence on stage, and loves a bit of banter both with the audience and fellow band members, so be prepared to be entertained and involved.