John Roman

John joined us in an emergency! And what an asset he turned out to be. He had been playing for Carl's other band Spiney Norman and we finished up needing an urgent deputy and John stepped in to the post at about 72 hours notice, and when about a year down the line we were in need again he joined us permanently!

John has more than 50 years experience playing in various bands and started at 14yrs old in his first band, The Residents, as lead guitar and vocals and moved to bass at about 16yrs because nobody else would. He is as at home playing modern jazz as funk, prog rock or pop! He also has a great voice.

He has several bass guitars including a six string and an upright! allowing him to cope with the huge range of music in The Generators repertoire.

His harmonising is also spot on, and this has added another dimension to the bands overall sound.