Ron Gibson

Ron and Carl have played together for the last seven or eight years, and built a very strong friendship. When their last project split in 2011 carl immediately started hatching plans for a new outfit!

Ron’s history spans almost seven decades in the entertainment world, he was with a comedy cabaret band act called The Jailbirds, many spells with big bands including touring the US air force bases in the UK, strict tempo ballroom bands, did a conjuring act. Spent time on the liners culminating in a spell in the Caribbean providing backing for Jewel And Warris , Dickie Valentine, and Charlie Chester including a hat and cane routine with him. So as you see there is not much he hasn’t done

So the idea began to form that there was a niche for a band with a sound so diverse it would be just as at home at a wedding, in a club, at a party, in a pub, at a formal dance or any other kind of function really.

Ron was also keen the band should look and sound the part, so largely financed the PA system and lighting rig for which we are all truly grateful..